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95 POINT i The Wine Advocate

The Wine Advocate
Anmeldt: 15-01-2015
"As they are growing in vineyards in Moncerbal, the Corullón bottling has more and more Moncerbal, with its base from San Martín, a little from Fontelas and El Ferro. The 2012 Corullón is very fresh and aromatic, with citric aromas, very subtle, like an amplified version of Pétalos, more fragrant and fresh than Moncerbal, really open and accessible, changing by the minute, with faint notes of underbrush and captivating hints of bitter almonds and fennel.
The palate is medium-bodied, very accessible, silky, with velvety tannins and good acidity.
This is approachable now, but with it's balance, freshness and weight, it should age effortlessly and with class.
I'm also tempted to say that this is the best Corullón to date."

H.J. Hansen Vin er med Vinspecialisten, et landsdækkende netværk af mere end 50 selvstændige specialvinhandlere, Danmarks førende vinleverandør.


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